TURBOCAM International
Why This Mission?

Our Mission is a statement of who we are, and why we exist. Since I wrote it in 1993, it has guided our company policies and our behavior as we have expanded from 25 people in 1993 to well over 600 today.

We display our Mission prominently, because we need to be held to it by our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Who comes first?

Some say the customer. I would like to agree, but sometimes employees have to come first. On a Friday afternoon, when the deadline is Monday morning, but the key employee who has to make it all happen has made a promise to his family that he must keep, then the customer may not be first. We have rarely let down a customer because we could not meet a key deadline.

Employees at our Barrington, N.H. headquartersWho comes first?

Some say the shareholders. I would like to agree, but sometimes employees have to come first. When sales have dropped off by 25 percent, and cash is running out, it would be a lot easier to lay off a few employees, cut pay or benefits, and have the profits to show the banks and shareholders. Many companies have done that. I am the owner of this company, and I have the privilege of leading a group of dedicated people who work hard and make an excellent product. When employees come before profits, profits are not far behind. We have excellent banking relationships, and are a well-run and profitable group of companies.

Who comes first?

We would like to be a company that gives generously to help those in need, locally, nationally, and internationally. We can measure our success by the amounts that we donate or the time that we give. This is an inadequate measure—God has given too much to us for us to make vain comparisons. We can only give if we know that our earnings are blessed by God.

I started this company as a means of making a living, while also spreading the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. There are many ways to achieve "success" in business. I have learned that in a business, God comes first. God has blessed our efforts and made us a growing company with dedicated employees, loyal customers and many suppliers who enjoy being associated with us.

If we are letting you—our customer or vendor—down, please let me know.

Marian B. Noronha
Chairman & Founder of the TURBOCAM Group