TURBOCAM International

TX treatments are unique thermal diffusion surface transformation technologies that improve the toughness of steel without creating brittleness. These improved characteristics transform lower cost materials so they either match or outperform more costly exotic alloys in high-wear applications.

TX treatments are not a coating. Instead of traditional surface coating methods, which are prone to brittle fractures and spalling, TX treatments work through both diffusion and crystal lattice transformation.

TX1 vs. TX2: Our scientists will assess your materials and engineering requirements, and select the appropriate treatment. TX2, the newest technology, can now treat castings and powder steels.

TX Treatments Are a Unique Approach

Wear resistance is usually achieved by hardening a surface. TX1 and TX2 take a different approach. By altering the crystalline lattice of the steel, TX1 and TX2 eliminate wear at the nano level. Additionally, TX1 and TX2 overcome wear by transforming the surface chemistry of steel to work in conjunction with changes in the bulk matrix. Therefore, when an abrasive particle or opposing surface strikes TX treated steels, the wear energy is adsorbed and dissipated throughout the surrounding steel.

TX1: A Case Study

Two pieces of 304L stainless steel were tested in a bearing tester. One piece of steel was treated with TX1 and the other was not. The piece that was untreated showed 500 times more wear and seized the motor. The test was performed at 1,750 RPM for 30 seconds using 75 lbs. of force, synthetic motor oil, and identical Rockwell hardness values (Rc=19) for the treated and untreated steel.