TURBOCAM International
Process Gas Compressors


Process Gas Compressors

TURBOCAM supplies compressor impellers to several leading manufacturers of process gas compressors. These are for demanding applications with corrosive gases in single- or two-phase flow.

TURBOCAM offers:

  • Hirth, curvic or polygon couplings
  • Inertia-welded shafts
  • Metallurgical experience and testing of stainless steels, titanium and aluminum, both wrought and forged
  • Balancing and overspeed testing
  • Statistical Process Control and superior quality management
  • Open and integrally-shrouded impellers, and partially-integrally shrouded (patent pending) impellers
  • TX1 metal protection for high wear and FOD environments
  • Experience in managing quality of copper and nickel brazing (by vendors)
  • Non-destructive testing of brazed and welded joints

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