TURBOCAM International

Our Company Culture
Together we are committed to making a difference to this world.

The company and employees make a difference in the world by donating thousands of dollars each year to support:

  • families freed from slavery in Nepal
  • orphanages and Leprosy colonies in India
  • a pro-life crisis pregnancy center in New Hampshire
  • local homeless shelters and food pantries

Many needs are met in the community and world because of TURBOCAM and its employees.

Ingrained in the TURBOCAM culture is the team concept and employee respect. At the company, employees are asked to look out for one another, to offer assistance, to pitch in—even if what is being asked is outside their job descriptions.

Employee Growth and Development
TURBOCAM’s mission to honor God by achieving manufacturing excellence drives us to invest in our employees. Since our reputation for quality begins with quality people, we continue to build on that legacy by seeking to enable everyone to contribute their very best. We do this by offering a variety of learning experiences and by enabling employees to participate in enriching programs outside the company.

Responsibility and Integrity
TURBOCAM asks for the full support of its employees for its mission, and serves its employees by offering them financial strength and stability in employment; a pleasant and challenging work environment; and opportunity to grow into their God-given potential by training and the sharing of responsibility and innovation.

TURBOCAM operates on the honor system, trusting that its employees will correctly keep track of their timesheets for lunch and breaks. The company also has confidence that employees will be forthright while using company equipment.