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Marian Noronha
Marian NoronhaFounder, Chairman and President

Marian Noronha founded TURBOCAM in 1985 after two years in advanced CAD/CAM applications at Computervision, and many years of R&D in Wind Turbine Development and Energy Conservation.
He has a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi, India. His graduate studies were in Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines at McGill University, Montreal.


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Doug Patteson Chief Financial Officer

Doug PattesonDoug Patteson is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He joined TURBOCAM in 2005 as its first Chief Financial Officer. Prior to TURBOCAM, Doug worked at companies in manufacturing, networking, and venture capital in addition to spending 10 years working for the CIA overseas.

Rob Bujeaud VP Engineering

Rob BujeaudRob Bujeaud is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. He joined TURBOCAM in 1988, leaving for a three-year hiatus from 1992 to 1995. He was named Vice President of Engineering in 1998. In addition, Rob has worked at General Electric, Pratt and Whitney, and Renaissance Design.

John Bressoud GM, TURBOCAM Manufacturing

John BressoudJohn Bressoud is a graduate of both Dartmouth College and the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. He joined TURBOCAM in 1990 and was named Vice President of Product Engineering in 1998. Prior to TURBOCAM, he worked at Split Ball Bearing and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Phil Yorgey Director of Quality

Phil YorgeyPhil Yorgey is a graduate of LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. He joined TURBOCAM in 2014 and was named Quality Manager of TURBOCAM AeroEngines (TAE) in 2015. Before joining TURBOCAM, Phil managed and directed engineering and quality organizations for Hexcel Corporation, Albany Engineered Composites and the Raytheon Company.

Tim Noronha GM, TURBOCAM ElectroChemical Machining

Tim NoronhaTim is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a B.A. in Engineering Sciences and the Thayer School of Engineering with a Bachelor's in Engineering. He joined TURBOCAM full-time in 2009 as an ECM Product Engineer, and has been the General Manager of TURBOCAM Electrochemical Machining (TECM) since 2011. His group develops unconventional methods of manufacturing.

James Noronha GM, TURBOCAM Energy Solutions

James Noronha, General Manager of TURBOCAM Energy Solutions James Noronha is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He served as an Infantry Officer in the Marine Corps during operations in Afghanistan and training with allied militaries throughout the Pacific. He worked in business development in the Middle East before joining TURBOCAM in 2014. He became General Manager of TURBOCAM Energy Solutions (TES) in 2015.

Jim Cooper GM, TURBOCAM AeroEngines

Jim CooperJim Cooper is a graduate of Cedarville University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He joined TURBOCAM in 2001, and has worked in machining and engineering across several business groups including the UK and India divisions. In 2017, Jim became the general manager of TURBOCAM Aero engines.

Jim Quinney GM, TURBOCAM Automated Production Systems

Jim Quinney Jim Quinney is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently working on an MBA also at UNH. He joined TURBOCAM in 2005 working for the TURBOCAM Automated Production Systems (TAPS) business unit as an engineer. He was promoted to engineering manager in 2007 and became TAPS’ General Manager in 2017. Prior to TURBOCAM, he worked for the paper industry repairing papermaking machines.

Ollie Sexton VP Business Development

Ollie SextonOllie Sexton is a graduate of Xavier University, with a BSBA in Marketing. After serving as the Commercial Business Manager for D.G. O’Brien Inc., he joined TURBOCAM in 2000 as the Business Development Manager. In 2009, Ollie became Vice President of Business Development.


United Kingdom

Matthew Brussee General Manager

Matthew BrusseeMatthew Brussee joined TURBOCAM Inc.’s finance department in 1999 to complete an internship during his Business degree. Having completed his degree, he returned to TURBOCAM Inc. in 2001 as Supply Chain Manager. After a three-year hiatus in Cambridge, he returned as Logistics Manager in 2006 to support the launch of the nozzle ring product line. In 2010 he moved to TAPS taking on the position of Operations Manager and overseeing the implementation of a new ERP system. In 2015, he returned to the UK to take up the position of Business Manager at TURBOCAM UK Ltd and, working closely with Marian Noronha and the T-UK team, undertook a financial overhaul of the business, assisted in a building relocation and upgrade of the ERP system and oversaw the merge of TEL and TAPS UK into Turbocam UK Ltd. Matthew was appointed General Manager in April 2019.

Neil Lightfoot Customer Liaison Manager

Neil LightfootNeil Lightfoot started his career as an apprentice where he achieved ONC and HNC in Mechanical Engineering at Northbrook College of Technology. He joined TURBOCAM as a trained machinist in 1991, and progressed through 5-axis machining to the most technical aspects of the business, and is currently employed as the Plant Manager of TURBOCAM UK Ltd.

Mark Huxford Production Manager

Mark HuxfordMark Huxford began his career as an apprentice at British Aerospace, where he achieved an ONC in Mechanical Engineering from Southampton Technical College. After completing his apprenticeship, Mark remained at British Aerospace for 10 years working in the tool room and the CNC jig boring department manufacturing tools and jigs for airframe assembly.

Prior to joining TURBOCAM UK in 2004 as a trained machinist, Mark worked for several sub-contract companies where he would engineer, program and manufacture components for oil and gas, aircraft, undersea cable communications, and Formula 1.

Mark has segued into other technical and development roles during his time at TURBOCAM, including multi-axis programming and machining, CMM inspection, single-blade development, and automation.

Andrew Johnson Quality Manager

Andrew JohnsonAfter high school, Andy completed a four-year engineering apprenticeship at High Temperature Engineers Ltd (subsequently taken over by Eaton). He has worked in various industries from aerospace, food packaging, gas-turbine repair and overhaul, and manufacture of deep-sea manifolds for the oil and gas industry, spanning 34+ years in engineering. Andy received a Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Management and Technology. He has successfully taken several companies through various certification programs attaining AS9100, CIEH Hygiene standards, and ISO9001, to name a few. Andy is a certified trainer and facilitator. He has held design signature authority on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority and the military for aero-engine modification and release.

Sam Nichols Engineering Manager

Sam NicholsSam Nichols completed his Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at Southampton University in 2006. He joined TURBOCAM Europe as a Graduate Engineer later the same year and has progressed through 5-axis programming and project management responsibilities on a wide range of projects to leading the engineering team. He was appointed Engineering Manager at TURBOCAM UK Ltd. in May 2016.


Onno Weststrate Business Development

Onno WeststrateOnno Weststrate has been in the turbomachinery industry for over 20 years, serving international markets in turbine blades and gears. He brings to TURBOCAM his skills in many languages, and experience of traveling in over 35 countries.

Onno serves European customers by connecting them to TURBOCAM plants in Europe, Asia, and North America, and offering them the unique manufacturing and technology solutions that are possible by the TURBOCAM synergies of people in developed and developing countries.

Onno started TURBOCAM Romania in 2008, which now employs around 55 people making turbine blades and nozzle rings for the automotive industry.

Onno also travels to developing countries, working with others who are involved in job and wealth creation.


Sorin Ignat Managing Administrator

Onno WeststrateSorin Ignat is a graduate of Politechnical University from Iasi, Romania, with a B.S. in Mechanics. He also has a B.S.B.A. from the Open University Business School in the United Kingdom. After 18 years at Carbid Fox at different management levels, (ending as General Manager), he joined TURBOCAM Romania as Managing Director in 2008.

Ferenc Szasz Assistant General Manager

Onno WeststrateFerenc Szasz earned his Diplomat Engineer diploma and his Masters in Engineering and Management of Quality Systems from the University of Petru Maior. He joined TURBOCAM in 2009 as a mill operator and was promoted to Assistant General Manager in 2018. Early in his career, Ferenc worked at CIEMatricon as a Project Manager and later Industrialization Manager.


Duncan Watkinson Managing Director

Duncan WatkinsonDuncan Watkinson received his Masters in Mechanical Sciences from Cambridge University in England. He then went to work overhauling steam turbines and diesel engines for W.H. Allen of Bedford, England. He spent four years with the company in Australia before being promoted to Turbine Manager of the Steam Turbine Department. He and his family moved to India in 1981.

In May of 1989, Marian Noronha asked Duncan to establish TURBOCAM India. Duncan's turbomachinery background and commitment to India made him ideal to help fulfill Marian's dream of a company in the land of his birth. Since then, Duncan has overseen the company and helped it grow from zero to a turnover in excess of $6 million.

Duncan and his wife now live in Bangalore, India — the technological centre of this teeming nation. Their three children and grandchildren now live on three continents. Duncan also oversees The SPAN Trust, which helps the poor and needy in several parts of India. See spantrust.org for more information.

Savio Carvalho General Manager

Savio CarvalhoSavio Carvalho earned his Diploma in Production Engineering in 1986 from Maharashtra State Board for Technical Education. He worked for a manufacturing company for five years before joining TURBOCAM in 1992. He gained 5-axis machining experience while training at TURBOCAM in the U.S.A., and subsequently returned to India to help set up TURBOCAM's manufacturing plant in Goa. He has served as the General Manager at TURBOCAM India for 20+ years, and his leadership has helped the company realize an annual growth rate of approximately 30 percent over the past few years.


Keith Lin General Manager

Keith LinKeith Lin, General Manager of TURBOCAM Taiwan, is a graduate of National Taipei University of Technology in mechanics. After serving as Vice President of Standtech Co. for tire mold manufacturing, Keith started TURBOCAM Taiwan as a joint venture with Marian Noronha, Founder, Chairman, and President of TURBOCAM International, in 2000.