TURBOCAM International

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Engineering Solutions

TURBOCAM excels at prototype development and helping companies take their ideas to the test stage. The next stage of cost reduction and Design For Manufacturing are critical steps of getting ready to be competitive for market.

This is why TURBOCAM is the supplier of choice for bladed production parts for many of the world's leading manufacturers of turbomachinery. TURBOCAM develops over 500 new designs a year, some for test, some for early market penetration, and some are destined to be made in the thousands or millions.

A unique formulaThe development skills honed over hundreds of prototypes have helped produce competitive cycle times and machining techniques to coax points of efficiency out of a design.

TURBOCAM prefers to see designers get what they need for aerodynamic efficiency and structural integrity, rather than compromise to save cost. Clients have been able to get the best combinations in arbitrary surface designs and root fillets without breaking the bank.

Our engineers offer their experience in:

  • machining
  • metallurgy and metal chemistry
  • aerodynamics
  • geometric modeling and analysis
  • software
  • making tradeoffs of design, performance, and quality and cost of manufacturing